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Anonymous asked
Interesting predictions for Vikings. Only Rollo was Fenrir in their promos.

Thank you anon!

I’ve gotta disagree with you there, though.  I thought he was Fenrir too at first, but there can’t be two Fenrirs!  In my opinion, Rollo is actually Loki.  Loki was actually chained up as well, as punishment for the death of Baldr, and a snake was placed over his head to drip venom onto him.  His wife Sigyn would stand over him, holding a bowl to catch the venom, but every time she moved to empty the bowl, poison would fall on Loki and he would tremble, which is what caused earthquakes.

IT’S CONFUSING THOUGH because Rollo’s name apparently means ‘wolf’ and his tattoo is of a wolf (and his other is of either a snake or a wolf, but I don’t think we have a definitive answer on that yet).  But, two of Loki’s children are associated with wolves as well- Fenrir and Vali.

There’s a bit more, but I’m getting ready for a convention so I gotta run!  c:

Anonymous asked
I wish I had finished my Cordelia for Sakura-Con so I could see you as Severa, haha. You look awesome though and I'll keep an eye out for your group!

Oh nooooooo.  BRING IT ANYWAY!  »

I look forward to seeing ya!  c:


Things are shaping up!  Be on the lookout for us!


Severa + Gerome, Noire, and Laurent from Fire Emblem: Awakening.  And


Sayaka and Kyoko again!

I might bring a third one, but I’ll probably be Severa for most of the weekend c:  COME FIND ME AND SAY HI